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an educated approach to coaching and conditioning for irish dance

Irish Dance Fit is a program designed by Megan Kirk Drake, BS Kinesiology, TCRG. Megan is a professional Irish dancer, and a certified Pilates Master Trainer and Educator. Her goal is to help Irish dancers with fitness and injury prevention to help them become the best dancers they can be.

Here are some of the tools and services provided:

Whether you want to become a champion or tour the world in a show, your goals can only be reached if you work for them, and work smart, not just hard. Fitness for Irish dancers is different than fitness for any other type of dancer. Irish dancers as a whole have certain strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed through proper training that is specific to the dance form; through this training, each Irish dancer’s body can become balanced and poised to reach peak performance. Training with an educated approach for your specific goals will help you to achieve your peak in both Irish dance and overall fitness.


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