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Irish Dance Fit Blog Day 1: Corona

This month has definitely not seen the normal March Madness for Irish dancers. Mad it has been, though: we found ourselves spinning from one cancelled show to the next, figuring out flights to Worlds, then trying to re-book them, and now staying safe at home while trying to figure out how to Zoom. It has been a steep learning curve, but we have certainly learned a lot together in the past few weeks. Thankfully this class by live video thing seems to be working out, and dancers are able to keep on dancing, receive corrections from their teachers, and implement the corrections at home.

I am not sure how the last bit of March will unfold, let alone the following weeks and months, but I do know that we are a strong and resilient community. Through all of the ups, downs, and curve balls (or should I say rhinestones on the dance floor) being thrown our way, we will get through this. Teachers will keep their dancers strong and ready for competition, dancers will work to hold on to the progress they’ve made, and family support systems behind those teachers and dancers will pull together stronger than ever. It may seem like the last 2 weeks have been the longest 2 weeks of our lives, but all of this is only temporary. There is a future to look forward to, so let’s keep on working toward it!

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